Wized Performance and Scalability

Learn why Wized is performant and scalable to millions of users by nature.
Wized Performance and Scalability

Wized is very performant and scalable by design. It can handle a very large number of concurrent users without any issues. By nature, it behaves like a static site generator. The project files are statically generated beforehand, instead of relying on a server to generate them on the fly.

To add Wized to a Webflow project, it's required to load two static JavaScript files:

  1. The Wized runtime (also known as the Embed), which is the JavaScript library that powers Wized.
  2. The Wized configuration, which contains the project settings for the Wized runtime. This file is statically generated by Wized every time that the project is published.

Both files are served through Cloudflare's CDN, ensuring low latency and high availability.

Once Wized initializes, all interactions happen in the user's browser. Requests to a server are only made when defined by the developer, for example, when submitting a form. There are no additional requests to Wized servers, except in certain cases where it's necessary.

Wized servers are involved when using the following features:

  • REST requests that include Secrets.
  • Airtable requests.
  • Stripe requests.
  • Notion requests.

In these cases, Wized's servers are used as a middleman between the user's browser and the target server to keep sensitive data from being publicly exposed.

We built Wized to be FAST. Performance is key in modern application development and we want Wized to complete with best available solutions available to developers.

Performance and scalability concerns should be researched with your backend provider. The speed of the backend service can greatly influence speed and scalability of your application.