GDPR guide

Your web app built with Wized can be GDPR compliant

Wized is a product that triggers the requests for your web app. Wized helps you, the Wized user, request information and services from other application providers. It is your responsibility to make sure your other application providers, and your web app functionality, is GDPR compliant.

Wized does not store the data that is used in your application

We don’t store any of your end-user’s data. We don't process any PII from users at all (except in some specific cases that can be avoided*). Wized is not a database product and we do not store any data from your database. When your end user accesses the app, Wized does not read, write, or store any of the web app requests. Everything happens on the user's browser and we don't collect any data except a page view event for rate limiting purposes.

Project configuration in US

Wized does store the project configuration for you and the servers that manage your Wized configuration are based in the United States. When you configure a web app in Wized, all of the options and inputs set in the Configurator tool, like Requests, Actions, and Elements, are stored on US servers. It's important to understand that this is not your end-user data. This data belongs to you, the Wized project owner, not to your end-users.

Your web app is served in the country of [YOUR APP]

Wized requests information from [YOUR APP] and shows it on Webflow. GDPR compliance depends where [YOUR APP] is serving the information from. Your app may be storing data in the US, Latin America, India, any country in the E.U., or any country worldwide. To be GDPR compliant, it is your responsibility to confirm [YOUR APP] is GDPR compliant. If it is, then using Wized maintains that compliance.

Webflow is not GDPR compliant

Webflow hosting is not GDPR compliant, as web pages are served to users on US servers. Exporting your Webflow project and hosting it externally can be GDPR compliant depending on where and how you host it.

Further responsibility

GDPR compliance has many rules and requirements for use. When building your web app, it’s possible to create a user flow that is not GDPR compliant. Not only do you have to confirm all of [YOUR APPS] processing customer data are GDPR compliant, you have to make sure your web application features are GDPR compliant.

Wized is working to become GDPR compliant

We are actively working with a German company to make Wized GDPR compliant. We will share all related documents, contact details, and information in due course.