Sep 2022

Wized V2 early access

Each passionate user told us why they need early access to Wized V2.
Find an inspiration through exploring the passionate use cases of Wized users.
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Alan Podemski

A place for product makers/bootstrappers to share their products "the fun way". Instead of just sharing your output you should enjoy the whole process of building so I want to let people grow their Plants (products), share their Seeds (ideas) and discuss the problems in Circles (groups of people).

Possible toolkit: Webflow, Wized, Make/Zapier/Parabola, Airtable, Stripe.


Michael Shamberg

I started a company this year with a friend called KIAK. It is a new take on the grip truck for the video production industry. We want a turn-key solution that eliminates red-tape and old processes that make renting a grip truck a pain in the ass.

We already have the truck put together as you can see over at but we have envisioned a web app where companies can easily manage and create bookings. This would be an absolute game-changer for this industry and we are committed to make it happen.

We began designing the portal in figma the moment we saw V2 launch. We would be honored to be selected among the first to build with it.


Levent Deniz

My first project will be a platform where sellers can view their products, see and fulfill orders and upload invoices. We are a German company in the furniture business and want to connect external manufacturers to our system.


KC Katalbas

Okay. Very silly, but I basically want to make AirBnB for Caves. You can search caves, find a cave near you, read more about cave hosts (national parks services, bats... perhaps a sasquatch?), and book a day to go spelunking. No price functionality, only good times. Included in this would be a user dashboard to save favorite caves and show upcoming cave trips.


Neville Chamberlain

I already have them lined up:

  1. Easiest project: replace my community / forum software. The current one is not bad, but they want to charge more for Zapier connectivity, and customization options are very limited. Will be interesting to see how I can calculate "# of unread messages" in each category since a user last logged in - some fancy Airtable formulas may work...
  2. More challenging (but more rewarding): Phase 1: a complete in-house project management system, then Phase 2: adding client access to review progress, then Phase 3: clients submit their own project requests...
  3. Software licensing system: integrate all the components of a software licensing system so that:
    1. Users can purchase online
    2. License database is automatically updated
    3. Corporate clients can view / add / delete their own licensees (licensing is per named user)
    4. We have better visibility on expiring licenses

I will use the first project as my learning curve, then the 2nd as soon as I am confident I have the skills and sorted through the learning curve. Third project is an add-on for the 2nd project.


Vince Loeffler

A platform for travel advisors to do supplier/hotel research for luxury hotels. Hotels will be able to create profiles for their hotels and their amenities.

We'll have:

  • user accounts for travel agents
  • User accounts for hotel contacts
  • Different access levels depending on location and knowledge
  • Combinations with Finsweet attributes for advanced filtered search
  • New V2 features such as weather widgets and more

Kleveland Bishop

I want to build an equities research platform! I want to allow users to type in a stock and pull the financial data from the alpha vantage api or the polygon api or the twelve data api! Getting the data to display for me will be milestone 1, and from there, adding a pay way & creating constraints around if a user is free, paid, or just a website visitor will be the next phase!

I am going to display the financial statements from the company ( cashflow statement, income statement, balance sheet & company overview) and have users be able to eventually interact with the data & save certain search criteria or make api calls happen when data updates (earnings releases)

What ever needs to be done to create this project to be a success story I will make it happen! I can commit FULL TIME to the creation of the interface & integration for the next 45-60 days, & will be glad to show what is possible with WIZED !!


Elay Soiferman

I'll try to connect the Job board with API integration to have full control of the design and your attribute filter API


Jason Hart

I'm a current university student and when the covid pandemic hit, I wanted to help my other university mates. The main challenges I saw in that population was that some were struggling with online learning and others were struggling with financial stability. So this year, I built an online private tutor marketplace called Tutor4U to connect students with tutors in NZ ( and Wized V1 was an integral part of that.

Although it's in its infancy, I want it to become NZ's number one online ecosystem for private academic tutors. I currently have proof of concept with connections already being made which is great.

But I plan to ramp up the websites functionalities with Wized V2! I will build out a job board, a sign in for students and a better dashboard for logged-in tutors so they can monitor their stats and edit their details.

This is also a business I'm trying to build for myself to pay for my tuition fees. And if it generates enough recurring revenue, I also hope to set up some scholarships with the income.

I've been holding off building these in V1 since I know V2 is right around the corner! I would forever be grateful if you could please, please, please let me in for the early access!

Love your work Finsweet & Wized team- I really hope I can get to jump into V2 soon!


Aman Kaushal

I am going to develop Learning management using weflow + wized + supabase + stripe + zapier + marketing tools.


Martijn Jaartsveld

We will be building the first stage of our platforms development roadmap, this would include user auth, displaying user-specific content, updating this content and perhaps even building a multi-step ordering interface with file uploads. (this is something we currently outsource, but we could build ourselves)


Andrew Maccabe

First? I'll finish my client request system that would allow me to grow my on-demand art business. Users can sign up for plans that include different packages of hours (e.g. Starter plan includes 8 hours a month) and use those hours to request a huge range of creative services from 3D art and visual effects to web design (With Wized) and illustration. With Wized it's to implement a system where users can make new requests for work, approve estimates for hours, get notified of updates and as an artist I can deliver the work on that task and deduct the hours from their monthly balance. All in a completely interactive, user-friendly platform... No need for trello, no need to manually manage my time, no need for long email chains and no need for daily calls, all built through Webflow, Wized and Airtable 🔥.

I've also been cooking up an e-learning platform for VFX and 3D that would help aspiring artists get into the film and games industries (Or hell, even just help people make cooler Webflow sites with 3D stuff) without any of the huge university fees or registration periods. But more on that when it's ready...


Muhammad Ali

I have a client who to have a build a NFT markeplace in Webflow where they want the users to Buy and Sell the NFT and also the buyers and sellers can have there on Admin portal/dashboard that will display different Stats and other details.

and I believe Wized will be a perfect choice to use where we can have the mechanism of to connect the Wallets as well.


Nic Warrington

Slinky Service is a tool to help businesses and organizations see the big picture and the small details of the services they offer, by letting them define personas, user journeys and backstage actions. Users will be able to view touchpoints via channel, stage or independently. All this is mapped out in the Figma prototype. A key feature is the ability to show connections between touchpoints. This will require using a library like (JointJS), who has already confirmed my designs are possible to implement.


Aman Kaushal

I am building a Learning management system for an online school. They currently have a user base of 3500 students.

Using Razorpay and Stripe for payment.

Superbase for database and Oauth.

Zapier for automations.

Webflow for frontend UI components.

Clearly want to build an LMS solution for online schools in India with Robust integrations and low cost.

Also, I don't want myself to use woocommerce and other wordpress tools to build a boring LMS.

I have a deadline of 15 October 2022 to launch the project.

PS: I have everything ready from designs and logic.


Hendrik Dacquin

I am making a membership site for a Cultural organisation offering a monthly subscription for participating with live music shows, expo's and parties in Belgium. The organisation is a small independent organisation and has 1000 active members. I will be integrating Webflow with Chargebee (for subscriptions handling) and Wized seems like the perfect fit to integrate Chargebee's subscription API with Webflow frontend.

Currently the site's frontend is finished and we are in the process of integrating it with Memberstack 2.0 but I would like a more custom, personal and user friendly onboarding and management of favourite concerts, reservations of concerts and contributions from the community.


Johan Ellingsen

Me and my partner are planning to build a design as a service platform using Wized 2.0. Initially we thought we would have to use Notion, and Zapier as a stand-alone and credentials with Memberstack. Which didn't feel very solid.

But with Wized we can now build the complete service within Webflow. I can't tell you guys how frickin exciting this is for us(!!) 💥💥


Hal Zeitlin

The founder of is totally game and sold on using Wized. A few weeks ago I told Andrea that we will need to wait for Wized V2 before building her web app, and then this news dropped!

Andrea Popova is a legend in the consumer packaged good space and community.

We are going to be building a monetized portal for members, merchants, and community members -- a real first in all the D2C and CPG communities out there that I know of. And I'm in a lot.

Her design is so good it will bring GLORY AND HONOR TO WIZED.


James Cowen

My site is already built, a network for motion designers Down Under... and I can't believe I (a motion designer) have been able to make this thanks to nocode!

But it's held together with sticky tape and breaks often. Party due to my learning curve, party due to using zapier, parabola and things sometimes failing, not setup correctly, plan limits, etc.

We're adding event ticketing, a new jobs board, an awards submission portal, stats dashboard - and I really want to tie this all together under one member account system with stripe and potentially ditch Memberstack if I no longer need it. (no offence to MS).

Thanks for the early access offer. Can't wait to devour Wized 2.0

Congrats on the acquistion and exciting development


~The Captain


Ruairi McNicholas

We have a client in a country that has very little presence on stock photo websites. He wants to create a simple stock photo marketplace, and we want to build this using Wized V2. I've already started building an MVP in Wized 1 and I eagerly await V2 access :)


Kyle Craven

I’m working with a charity called KidneyAlly. They help people with Kidney Disease by providing education around kidney disease and diet, and they’ve grown a community on Facebook of 16.5k members.

I’m working on their new website: The MVP will allow people to sign up, complete their health profile and, based on their condition, receive educational videos relevant to them. For e.g. if a user signs up and tells us that they have diabetes and stage 3 CKD, their dashboard will display videos on those two conditions. The goal of the website is to help kidney patients make personalised healthy food choices.

Some additional features:

  • Database of recipes created by an NHS dietician.
  • Users can save their favourite recipes
  • Users can leave reviews on recipes
  • Users can log in and see videos relevant to them
  • Users can sign up to a 7 day free trial
  • Users can purchase a monthly membership

I’m currently building it with Memberstack. However, it’s missing certain functionality that I need. I’d love to get early access to Wized so that I can build this platform using Wized rather than a hacked-together version using memberstack.


Marcel Deelen

First up will my side project be the lab rat to try is all on: with client and creative login, account creation and dashboards and project creation forms... the works. All Webflow and Airtable work is done, ready for Wized to tie it all together.

Secondly is there a client project for a small closed off social network for a invite only high level business women here in Germany. We wanted to use circle but the budget would allow a custom build... Wized might be the factor that could make that possible.


Patrick Corsetti

So I've nearly finished a recent build and my first project will definitely be transitioning it into v2 while it's still fresh in my mind as some practice.

In short, it's a platform and course manager for a client that teaches Professional Development Courses. It features:

  • A Team Lead Dashboard
    • Ability to view all of their paid for courses
    • Ability to manage their employees who have enrolled in each course
    • Submit a request for additional Courses
  • A Course sign-up portal
    • Gives the students the ability to pick any course or time slot from the available courses their team lead has purchased
  • A Teacher Portal
    • Gives the designated teacher all the info they need, and allows them to leave comments that the Team Lead will be able to see in their dashboard
  • A Generated Certificate that will be printable as a PDF and available to students after course completion.

*There's also an email journey component being triggered through Airtable and n8n

Further projects already slated for the end of this year/early 2023 include:

  • A set of 30 Distributor Sites for a major international automotive brand
  • A talent and client management app for a large event provider in Canada (expanding to the US)
  • Trip planner

George Cooper

SanctionFox - an anti-money laundering tool for small financial services businesses in the UK. The backend is built in Xano, but I'm sitting on my hands waiting for v2.

It's dull but useful, provides fuzzy search against a series of databases of individuals who regulated financial service companies cannot provide services to. They're required to perform these checks by law.

The problem is small firms are being ripped off by large providers for what is actually a very simple and inexpensive service to administer. It can be done profitably for less than 30% of the typical cost charged in my estimation.

I also have 3 client projects on the book that are waiting really...

  • A compliance monitoring platform for a firm that works with financial advisers in the UK
  • A pension calculator for doctors in the UK (helps doctors understand if they should be contributing more to their pension plan going forward)
  • A regtech tool to help licensed short-term Portuguese landlords submit reports to the immigration authority (it's totally crackers paperwork which causes all sorts of headaches)

Trust me when I say there's more, but I don't want to bore you...


Tyler Kemp

First, we'll probably build a front-end for our website visitor identity resolution product.

We have the unique ability to resolve the actual contact-level identity of US B2B website visitors (with full contact details on the person visiting the website). This process will also continue to work when cookies go away next year.

If possible, we'd like to build CRM integration capability into the platform for our customers (starting with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Close) so they can get their SiteVisitor leads piped right into their CRM of choice.

Not only will this allow marketers to enhance their sales attribution and provide their sales teams with the best possible leads to work, but pair this with any paid advertising efforts and you'd have the benefit of hyper-targeted leads that you can sell to when they're actually looking for what you do (versus the typical spray-and-pray approach we get in our inboxes today).


Seun Orofin

Develop an interactive platform where creatives get showcase their work, learn how to build products with very simple use cases from various aspects of tech ( Design, Development, Testing, Project Management and many more) and also get jobs.



I will build an education/social platform for people who stutter and use the info product to get over it.

there will be videos, habit tracking, community stuff and much more - I already know Wized will fuel my mind.

also integrated stripe Ecommerce to order seminars

I work with a therapist/friend that did stutter his own with a top-notch method to speak fluently. My job is to build a quasi-software product to get people immersed to and scale from German language over to English, Spanish and so on.

question: what about multi language capabilities?

My knowledge regarding code is low- I will heavily rely on your help Center - but together we can make this product go live!

greetings from Germany



Eugene Marsden

I would love to get early access as our (me and my wife) English School here in Rome is about to close (we are selling it) and we are about to head back to NZ to start our new venture, an online teaching resource centre for teachers around the world.

After 14 years of building a very successful school (Creative English - and a family of three boys here in Rome, we are ready for the next chapter of our lives.

As the COVID pandemic hit our school hard, like most schools. So we decided to offer all of our resources for free to teachers in Italy from our website. This ended up being really helpful to teachers all over Europe and some parts of Asia because unlike most teachers, we have a coding history (University degrees). So what started as a mere help to the community has now grown to 2000+ teachers as clients, all free users. So we have decided to finish up here and start up an app to help teachers all over the world.

We have a very basic beta app working now but are currently working on our 1.0 version. We have come across many roadblocks and Wized seems like it would fix all of our problems.

So this is what we would build first and forever. Until my next chapter, haha.

However, even if we are not chosen I am still very excited to use Wized when it is available to the public, thank you to the Finsweet team.



I will be building a client project I got in 2021, to design and prototype a booking/scheduling web app/marketplace for dog grooming and vet appointments that can also accept payments. I previously used Webflow + Memberstack + Airtable + Jetboost + Geotargetly + Zapier + Timekit + Stripe as the stack to make it happen. The client has given me the complete project after I pitched them building the full project with Webflow + Wized + Xano.


Jorge Manzo

1: I’ll convert my current Job Board into Wized

2: I’ll build a sample marketplace

3: I’ll build a booking system for a client


Benoît Eveillard

  1. First, I need to transfer one of my projects which is on Wized V1. It is tool to help landlords manage their rental properties.
  2. I would love to build a website similar to but with better UX / UI. All the surf prevision websites are very bad and would like to provide a better experience. I need to connect with API to get real-time data on all surf spots.


My first project would be a fun one to get started with V2, a Fantasy Premier League (fantasy football) tracker using their API and the use of probably Supabase for auth. All current trackers are kinda ugly and have bad ux so have always wanted to do one myself.


Iaroslav Romanov

I will work both on 2 projects. I have 2 more developers in my team, I sent them IC to discover Wized.

They will work on — they will first build user profiles for Mentors

Add Edit Delete their formats, build integration with calendars like

Then we will build user profiles for mentees, they will be able to book services from Mentors, check all of the data in their accounts.

I will work on accounts for employers and candidates in

Previously I used wized like account on wized V1


Rehan Khurshid

I would like to Migrate one of my Bubble Web-app to Webflow along with Wized V2. The bubble app has list of investors which can be filtered out based on certain categories and user can create group of investors


Anton Morrison

Online eLearning training platform.


Brian Love

The first thing I'll build is a commercial real estate database. I have a few family members who work in commercial real estate and they always asked about having a web app for their listings.

Since its commercial space, the listing details often change as partial space/floors are rented out. I dreamed of building them a web app for prospective clients so they don't have to keep updating their PDF brochure every time a listing gets revised.

A couple of years ago, I even tried creating a workaround using Webflow and Airtable.

While that solution worked, using Wized will make it much more complete for them.


Ben Hayward

We have a project coming up in a week or two; a medical subscription service where users, once authorised, will be able to subscribe to medical items and services. The medical items are only accessible if their conditions permit the subscription/access.

As an agency, we have lots of projects that require custom JS integration. Most of which, Wized 2.0 will be perfect for.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and amazing work with the tool.

All the best,



Jack Hayward

I would like to have a go at building a restaurant takeaway/delivery system - as this is a project type that I've had to, unfortunately, turn down a few times as it was previously not possible within Webflow.


nicola toledo

my nocodepro academy this is the website NocodePRO ( , a twitter no-code clone that I already created with weweb + xano and then many client projects 😀 🚀


Glenn McWhinney

I'm going to build a micro-SaaS with a Xano backend to generate a set of resized, optimised images (a set of pre-defined image widths set by the user) based on a source image to use in your Webflow projects.


Josiah Duenes

First, I have a residents dashboard for a project I was going to use v1 for but I would hate to build with v1 and it goes away. This is a client project.

Next I am building a blockchain mvp for a client and got them on board with wized since we are already using webflow! I’d love to show that for webflow and wized!


Marvin Kaunda

I’m using Xano as my backend and Webflow as frond end using Finsweet attributes. I will use Wized to create member authentication, a booking system with wishlists and user dashboards.


Matt Sims

I'm involved with an internet radio station that has a full admin system powered by WordPress that powers the schedule, podcasts, and DJ uploads. I would LOVE to replace this with a Webflow-powered version!