Sep 2022

September 2022

Each passionate user told us why they need early access to Wized V2.
Find an inspiration through exploring the passionate use cases of Wized users.
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Thiti Pumpanwong

My whole e-learning/community website. We are building on Kajabi right now but this will be better in term of customizibilities.


Geratrdo Tencio

A job site for automotive staff, looking to get hired, companies and personnel can communicate, and find job opportunities around the world


Kleveland Bishop

I want to build an equities research platform! I want to allow users to type in a stock and pull the financial data from the alpha vantage api or the polygon api or the twelve data api! Getting the data to display for me will be milestone 1, and from there, adding a pay way & creating constraints around if a user is free, paid, or just a website visitor will be the next phase!

I am going to display the financial statements from the company ( cashflow statement, income statement, balance sheet & company overview) and have users be able to eventually interact with the data & save certain search criteria or make api calls happen when data updates (earnings releases)

What ever needs to be done to create this project to be a success story I will make it happen! I can commit FULL TIME to the creation of the interface & integration for the next 45-60 days, & will be glad to show what is possible with WIZED !!


Jeremy Leroux



I will build an education/social platform for people who stutter and use the info product to get over it.

there will be videos, habit tracking, community stuff and much more - I already know Wized will fuel my mind.

also integrated stripe Ecommerce to order seminars

I work with a therapist/friend that did stutter his own with a top-notch method to speak fluently. My job is to build a quasi-software product to get people immersed to and scale from German language over to English, Spanish and so on.

question: what about multi language capabilities?

My knowledge regarding code is low- I will heavily rely on your help Center - but together we can make this product go live!

greetings from Germany



Emily Frazier

end user login and customization, api connections, and finally be able to finish our template with the custom features we will have!


Andreas Demou

I want to develop a business directory app so people from all around the world will be able to join and list their business.

MVP is already up:


Marvin Kaunda

I’m using Xano as my backend and Webflow as frond end using Finsweet attributes. I will use Wized to create member authentication, a booking system with wishlists and user dashboards.


Daniel Ptasinski

Dashboard for my client's employees, where will be reports of sells from every channel, special forms to orders employees etc. It will be like a custom CRM :)

It's my main client: - its the biggest company in Poland which import, distribution and sell spirits ;)


Jonathan Little

I already submitted a form yesterday with my email, but realized that wasn't my Wized account email—whoops! But, I don't mind taking the time to fill this form out again. I really want access and would love to get started.

I'm going to update a website I created called Crafty Builds ( to bring in a more social and interactive experience. I'm wanting to add more features that allow members to interact with one another. I also want to allow the members to curate the type of Minecraft build content they want to see on the website by allowing them to post builds, and interact with the content created.

Another project I'd like to start back up is the project management software me and my 2 friends were starting. I'd love to kickstart our project and see where it takes us.

I feel that for the first time in my life that I can actually develop a few software projects that I'm proud of. It's like picking up an old hobby again and remembering how much happiness it brought.

I can't wait to use Wized. I really hope I'm able to get access, if not—I can wait (I just don't want too!)



My first project would be a fun one to get started with V2, a Fantasy Premier League (fantasy football) tracker using their API and the use of probably Supabase for auth. All current trackers are kinda ugly and have bad ux so have always wanted to do one myself.


Conchúr Ó'Donnchú

I want to build a system for a signage company that allows them to scan codes when they complete a step as I have found that the head office didn't know how much the factory was producing


Brian Hinson

Keeping my customers cutting edge. Many possibilities. Job application board will be first


Jorge Manzo

1: I’ll convert my current Job Board into Wized

2: I’ll build a sample marketplace

3: I’ll build a booking system for a client


Rehan Khurshid

I would like to Migrate one of my Bubble Web-app to Webflow along with Wized V2. The bubble app has list of investors which can be filtered out based on certain categories and user can create group of investors


Fabricio Felix

Build, in Brazilian Portuguese, my own LMS (Learning Management System) to teach my clients "how to use" Webflow applications (and later, Wized Apps, as well) developed by my agency.


Jay Poucher

I'm currently looking in to user management, AR for showing products in customer's backyard, marketplace for selling products, billing and booking for scheduling birthday parties, social media intergration i.e. pulling in all posts from facebook, instagram, tiktok ect. I would do all of this with webflow, wized and finsweet because I believe in webflow 100% and want to show the world that anything can be done using solely webflow products... plus I wouldn't be a bad use case to show off what wized can do.


John Iseghohi

I want to build a learning management platform


Ruairi McNicholas

We have a client in a country that has very little presence on stock photo websites. He wants to create a simple stock photo marketplace, and we want to build this using Wized V2. I've already started building an MVP in Wized 1 and I eagerly await V2 access :)


Veso Yanchev

An app for a California-based startup in the area of HR. That will help teams and people.

In parallel, I will be working on a community-based business with memberships and gated content (e.g. courses, pro-only content etc.).

Last but not least I want to build the Project Management / ERP app that I've had as a personal dream since my early career in project management.


Brian Love

The first thing I'll build is a commercial real estate database. I have a few family members who work in commercial real estate and they always asked about having a web app for their listings.

Since its commercial space, the listing details often change as partial space/floors are rented out. I dreamed of building them a web app for prospective clients so they don't have to keep updating their PDF brochure every time a listing gets revised.

A couple of years ago, I even tried creating a workaround using Webflow and Airtable.

While that solution worked, using Wized will make it much more complete for them.



My first project is an online course for a coaching business where people can create an account to have a free trial and then can upgrade to access more courses, I want to track their progress and make it a personalized experience.


Ajayi Dublin

A website dedicated to selling, trading and distributing carnival costumes and events for the upcoming Sugar Mas (Carnival) season. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated platforms tailored to the uniqueness that is Carnival.


Nic Warrington

Slinky Service is a tool to help businesses and organizations see the big picture and the small details of the services they offer, by letting them define personas, user journeys and backstage actions. Users will be able to view touchpoints via channel, stage or independently. All this is mapped out in the Figma prototype. A key feature is the ability to show connections between touchpoints. This will require using a library like (JointJS), who has already confirmed my designs are possible to implement.


Mack Shirilla

Non-profit membership site with student profiles, workshop registration, event ticketing, and custom stripe checkout.

The organization provides theatre education and performances for children with mixed-abilities.


Martin Hudobivnik

I want to build a simple booking system for small businesses to book their appointments - that's gonna open so many doors to businesses currently hesistating using Webflow! I also want to connect Greenhouse job board as their embedded options just don't cut it!



Most likely a booking engine and customer management system for a hostel in The Hague, Netherlands. As they are currently depending on a third party solution with all the hassle that comes with that!


Jamie Dowis

We'll likely focus on building the Twitter clone first, I think it would be a fun cloneable to get out into the community and show everyone what Wized can do.

Honestly though, if you all want us to focus on something first, just let me know and we'll do it!


Aaron Fehlen

I'm currently building an extensive Sales + Project Management system in for a roofing, windows, and siding company. It's functional, but not pretty. My hands are completely tied on design (and UX in many cases) due to the limitations of Coda.

We're launching it in a couple of weeks with the intention to use it as a prototype, work out the bugs while we refine this client's systems and processes, then build a "real" web app and sell it to other exterior companies facing the same problems that we are with the currently available solutions.

We have connections to app-dev agencies that we could leverage, but I'm pushing to build the app internally with tools like Wized. I'm comfortable with code but I wouldn't call myself a software developer, so of everything I've researched, Wized+Webflow+Supabase is the most viable option for us to build the web app with.

Here's a link to the Coda project if you'd like to check it out. Seems like a perfect fit for a Wized project.

Please do not share this link.


Hal Zeitlin

Hey Joe, my client said that I can make a tutorial on Wized for what they want me to build.

Here's the first feature, it's designed, we just need access to Wized to build it:

The site is beautiful, it will be a great case study for my company and I'm sure we can make one for Wized too. is the current site (without webapp yet)


Hal Zeitlin


Michael Shamberg

I started a company this year with a friend called KIAK. It is a new take on the grip truck for the video production industry. We want a turn-key solution that eliminates red-tape and old processes that make renting a grip truck a pain in the ass.

We already have the truck put together as you can see over at but we have envisioned a web app where companies can easily manage and create bookings. This would be an absolute game-changer for this industry and we are committed to make it happen.

We began designing the portal in figma the moment we saw V2 launch. We would be honored to be selected among the first to build with it.


Tanner Pontius

The first project I plan on building is for a client in which a contact form will route emails based on a users input (zip codes will be associated with specific email addresses). I'd also like to build a membership site for our agency


Marcel Deelen

First up will my side project be the lab rat to try is all on: with client and creative login, account creation and dashboards and project creation forms... the works. All Webflow and Airtable work is done, ready for Wized to tie it all together.

Secondly is there a client project for a small closed off social network for a invite only high level business women here in Germany. We wanted to use circle but the budget would allow a custom build... Wized might be the factor that could make that possible.


Josiah Duenes

I have a client mvp project using blockchain and we are on a tight deadline. if possible, we will would like to use wized but if not, we will have to hire another developer! I also have another client project on hold for wized, can't get paid for that one until it is finished!


Johan Ellingsen

Me and my partner are planning to build a design as a service platform using Wized 2.0. Initially we thought we would have to use Notion, and Zapier as a stand-alone and credentials with Memberstack. Which didn't feel very solid.

But with Wized we can now build the complete service within Webflow. I can't tell you guys how frickin exciting this is for us(!!) 💥💥


Kai Lovel

For a year or two now, I've felt like there's not been a true home for "digital product people" like me who enjoy sharing, comparing and discussing their personal / work tool stacks.

To do what did for physical kit, and what Stackshare did for B2B company stacks.

After Product Hunt's YourStack platform, their take on this space, shutdown shortly after launch, I knew I had to build something.

I've literally got a hackathon for myself pencilled in for next Sunday, where I wanted to hustle to get an MVP built here.

I'd be _stoked _to be able to start the project with where I'd want to end up — using Wized 2.0.



we are building a platform involving both Real estate transaction management (similar to Dotloop or skyslope) and a marketplace similar to webflow experts.


Josiah Duenes

First, I have a residents dashboard for a project I was going to use v1 for but I would hate to build with v1 and it goes away. This is a client project.

Next I am building a blockchain mvp for a client and got them on board with wized since we are already using webflow! I’d love to show that for webflow and wized!


Martijn Jaartsveld

We will be building the first stage of our platforms development roadmap, this would include user auth, displaying user-specific content, updating this content and perhaps even building a multi-step ordering interface with file uploads. (this is something we currently outsource, but we could build ourselves)


Martin Young

WriteHub - an app for authors where they can plot their novel, create characters, places, chapters, add research matter and (using quill.js) actually write their novel! This will be a SaaS that saves their work and brings their work right back every login. Wized will be the means of connecting Webflow to Xano to provide a full-stack web app. I'm already a FinSweet Pro member - can't wait to combine with Attributes!


Shreyas Kothakonda

For a client of mine, I want to build a book review platform. I am using Ycode for the MVP, but I need payments and user authentication with many more features. The power of Webflow for the front end, combined with a promising backend tool, is precisely what I need as a no-code developer.


nicola toledo

my nocodepro academy this is the website NocodePRO ( , a twitter no-code clone that I already created with weweb + xano and then many client projects 😀 🚀


Alan Podemski

A place for product makers/bootstrappers to share their products "the fun way". Instead of just sharing your output you should enjoy the whole process of building so I want to let people grow their Plants (products), share their Seeds (ideas) and discuss the problems in Circles (groups of people).

Possible toolkit: Webflow, Wized, Make/Zapier/Parabola, Airtable, Stripe.


Adrial Dale

An upcoming project for UNC Law that will be bringing election data into a map of the United States, then be able to drill down into state-specific pages showing a history of voting outcomes. Meant to be a tool of the media to make sure voting stays fair and that local voters are fully informed before casting their ballots.


Pierre de Montalte

I'm hesitant between a few different projects, but the 2 most likely would be :

-A loyalty app that I built for some restaurants in Montréal during lockdowns. It was built with Memberstack, Make and Airtable, and I think rebuilding it with Wized v2 would be a great learning opportunity for me, and might also help me come with some different feedback for you (because I'd be rebuilding an existing app instead of starting one from scratch).

Basically every transaction with a registered email gives point to the member, and they can then convert these points to a gift card for the restaurant.

-A student housing renting app (Also built on Webflow, Airtable, Make and Memberstack, by AvivTech, but that I am now improving and maintaining).

It has a user dashboard, where students can select appartements they're interested in, and a separate admin dashboard where admins can manage appartement listings and applications, and student's profiles.

The client would like to expand the app and add some more advanced functionalities, so that it becomes a portal that users actually use everyday (storing sensitive documents on the user profiles, ability to send alerts / push notifications in case of emergencies to users, having an activities board, and a better admin dashboard to manage all the administrative parts, like visit scheduling, appartment attribution, picture validation, etc).

So a lot of things that I think Wized would be asbolutely perfect for !

This client currently has 1 property with about 300+ student units, but would like to expand and add 2 more properties, and therefore needs something robust and scalable.

So I'm both extremely excited to suggest them Wized v2 (we had already discussed Wized V1), but also wondering if maybe it isn't a bit too early for such a project, their system being already live and having already a lot of users.


Jeroen Jongsma

I made a webflow website for a digital fitting instruction for Brink ( with webflow. The CMS is synced with Airtable with the nobull app, but this is not as ideal - because some synchronizations depend on other collections which sometimes happen to fail. This results in incomplete manuals. I want to directly sync the website to the Airtable database so it's always in sync for the client. I also want to add a cookie, so the correct language will always show up.


George Cooper

SanctionFox - an anti-money laundering tool for small financial services businesses in the UK. The backend is built in Xano, but I'm sitting on my hands waiting for v2.

It's dull but useful, provides fuzzy search against a series of databases of individuals who regulated financial service companies cannot provide services to. They're required to perform these checks by law.

The problem is small firms are being ripped off by large providers for what is actually a very simple and inexpensive service to administer. It can be done profitably for less than 30% of the typical cost charged in my estimation.

I also have 3 client projects on the book that are waiting really...

  • A compliance monitoring platform for a firm that works with financial advisers in the UK
  • A pension calculator for doctors in the UK (helps doctors understand if they should be contributing more to their pension plan going forward)
  • A regtech tool to help licensed short-term Portuguese landlords submit reports to the immigration authority (it's totally crackers paperwork which causes all sorts of headaches)

Trust me when I say there's more, but I don't want to bore you...


Hal Zeitlin

The founder of is totally game and sold on using Wized. A few weeks ago I told Andrea that we will need to wait for Wized V2 before building her web app, and then this news dropped!

Andrea Popova is a legend in the consumer packaged good space and community.

We are going to be building a monetized portal for members, merchants, and community members -- a real first in all the D2C and CPG communities out there that I know of. And I'm in a lot.

Her design is so good it will bring GLORY AND HONOR TO WIZED.



I was planning to launch a Webflow subscriptions for my clients. As i didn't find an ok way to manage that through webflow, i selected manyrequest (expensive, not flexible, bad experience, etc.)

Since i heard that Wized V2 will be launched... I stopped everythinng, waiting for it to launch my client dashboard ;)


Jessy Page

Wized is the last missing piece for me to create a global social network for dancers!

I am passionate about dancing and I am about to change the life of so many people sharing that passion.


Andreas Wagner

I have a client that gets over half a million euros in donations every year. The client offers many different activities with animals e.g. sponsorships, children's birthdays or memberships.

My idea was to build a dashboard for this client to give their customers the possibility to manage their own data.


Simon Lampert

I will probably mess with some APIs and see what happens. It will come naturally, I don't have to know right now. Learn, then use what I have learned :)

One idea would also be a booking system. That's something a client asked me to do a while ago and I didn't want to. But now, it feels possible!


Aman Kaushal

I am building a Learning management system for an online school. They currently have a user base of 3500 students.

Using Razorpay and Stripe for payment.

Superbase for database and Oauth.

Zapier for automations.

Webflow for frontend UI components.

Clearly want to build an LMS solution for online schools in India with Robust integrations and low cost.

Also, I don't want myself to use woocommerce and other wordpress tools to build a boring LMS.

I have a deadline of 15 October 2022 to launch the project.

PS: I have everything ready from designs and logic.


Matt Sims

I'm involved with an internet radio station that has a full admin system powered by WordPress that powers the schedule, podcasts, and DJ uploads. I would LOVE to replace this with a Webflow-powered version!


Philip Trott

Using Wized, I want to build a Webflow site that can connect to the paymetn gateway using their REST API.


Vince Loeffler

A platform for travel advisors to do supplier/hotel research for luxury hotels. Hotels will be able to create profiles for their hotels and their amenities.

We'll have:

  • user accounts for travel agents
  • User accounts for hotel contacts
  • Different access levels depending on location and knowledge
  • Combinations with Finsweet attributes for advanced filtered search
  • New V2 features such as weather widgets and more

Seun Orofin

Develop an interactive platform where creatives get showcase their work, learn how to build products with very simple use cases from various aspects of tech ( Design, Development, Testing, Project Management and many more) and also get jobs.


Greg Faulkner

I have, finally, got a client project that I can use Wized for. A long term accounting SaaS (Software and a Service, in this case) client has wanted to build some tax and accounting calculators on their site for some time. They wanted to do so by using Google Sheets as their backend and Webflow as their front but the calculators are too complex for Webflow to handle reliably natively, even with a bunch of custom code.

As Webflow wasn't suitable, we tried Retool but this was harder than coding the calculator from scratch using React (which their internal team could do but they'd rather save the resource for developing the product).

My plan now is to create an Airtable backend (I love Airtable) and connect it using Wized. The user will input information, Airtable will calculate the response and Wized will do the communicating and rendering. The dream!

Another exciting part of this is that the client will eventually be able to handle this themselves given the intuitive Webflow-like dashboard. I won't be working with them forever so it'd be great to know they can continue.


Josh Fifelski

I would rebuild a membership platform where College Athletes create accounts, and then offer services (like personal training...etc.). Others can also create accounts and hire these athletes.

There would also be an entire approval process for the NCAA to get involved.


Andrew Maccabe

First? I'll finish my client request system that would allow me to grow my on-demand art business. Users can sign up for plans that include different packages of hours (e.g. Starter plan includes 8 hours a month) and use those hours to request a huge range of creative services from 3D art and visual effects to web design (With Wized) and illustration. With Wized it's to implement a system where users can make new requests for work, approve estimates for hours, get notified of updates and as an artist I can deliver the work on that task and deduct the hours from their monthly balance. All in a completely interactive, user-friendly platform... No need for trello, no need to manually manage my time, no need for long email chains and no need for daily calls, all built through Webflow, Wized and Airtable 🔥.

I've also been cooking up an e-learning platform for VFX and 3D that would help aspiring artists get into the film and games industries (Or hell, even just help people make cooler Webflow sites with 3D stuff) without any of the huge university fees or registration periods. But more on that when it's ready...


Ferro Boyd

MY answer hasn't changed since my first response. But I want to push Wized to the limit (if there is one)!



I am currently migrating a client site to webflow. It's a nonprofit focused on advancing women in engineering. I would love to use Wized for authentication and to build an app for their Knowledge Center. I'm a Finsweet Pro and already using attributes on the new site. Also, would be happy to be a non-business case study if you want one. Thank you!



A Portal for our clients, to learn facilitator skills via videos, allowing them to create new groups, add members to the group, order material to run the group as well as get their group members to pay for the course. The course is run both in person and online. It is an outpatient program for people with substance addiction and behavioral addiciton. The program is called Exodus Recovery Skills. We provide training to people who will then run the programme in their own community.


Ben Hayward

We have a project coming up in a week or two; a medical subscription service where users, once authorised, will be able to subscribe to medical items and services. The medical items are only accessible if their conditions permit the subscription/access.

As an agency, we have lots of projects that require custom JS integration. Most of which, Wized 2.0 will be perfect for.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and amazing work with the tool.

All the best,



Mike Douglass

Prior to offering web services I was in Medical Equipment Sales Management providing imaging solutions and patient education systems. I would be passionate about making a 'Patient Education' application in Wized that would be offered to Medical Practices as a means to better communicate with their patients about their treatments.

Basically it would be a database of educational content by specialty types. Physicians would select from a library or post their treatment-descriptions. These descriptions would display in the physicians website in the 'Patient Education' section or loaded into the 'Patients Portal'.

Since the pandemic the medical practice's patient communications has become more reliant on their practice’s website. This solution would help lower the obstacle that medical practices come across in communicating treatments to patients without requiring an in person appointment.

Every medical practice has their own way on how to provide treatment. Patients self educating themselves through Google searches and Social Media sharing can create a 'mis-educated patient'  which is a problem for physicians.

I am committed to niching down to only providing web services to Medical Practices and more broadly the Healthcare industry. Markets of that scope require more than a drag and drop solution for their web needs. With Wized I feel like I can finally break through.

Passionately, Hallelujah!

Mike Douglass


Jason Hart

I'm a current university student and when the covid pandemic hit, I wanted to help my other university mates. The main challenges I saw in that population was that some were struggling with online learning and others were struggling with financial stability. So this year, I built an online private tutor marketplace called Tutor4U to connect students with tutors in NZ ( and Wized V1 was an integral part of that.

Although it's in its infancy, I want it to become NZ's number one online ecosystem for private academic tutors. I currently have proof of concept with connections already being made which is great.

But I plan to ramp up the websites functionalities with Wized V2! I will build out a job board, a sign in for students and a better dashboard for logged-in tutors so they can monitor their stats and edit their details.

This is also a business I'm trying to build for myself to pay for my tuition fees. And if it generates enough recurring revenue, I also hope to set up some scholarships with the income.

I've been holding off building these in V1 since I know V2 is right around the corner! I would forever be grateful if you could please, please, please let me in for the early access!

Love your work Finsweet & Wized team- I really hope I can get to jump into V2 soon!


Tyler Kemp

First, we'll probably build a front-end for our website visitor identity resolution product.

We have the unique ability to resolve the actual contact-level identity of US B2B website visitors (with full contact details on the person visiting the website). This process will also continue to work when cookies go away next year.

If possible, we'd like to build CRM integration capability into the platform for our customers (starting with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Close) so they can get their SiteVisitor leads piped right into their CRM of choice.

Not only will this allow marketers to enhance their sales attribution and provide their sales teams with the best possible leads to work, but pair this with any paid advertising efforts and you'd have the benefit of hyper-targeted leads that you can sell to when they're actually looking for what you do (versus the typical spray-and-pray approach we get in our inboxes today).


Eric McQuesten

I have built a marketplace and as of right now it is hacked together using Zapier, Airtable, Parabola, Make, and a few others. Wized V2 will allow me to finally build an official web app where I don't have to worry about zaps not working.

To be more precise, I will be using this for the user dashboard to display job and mentor opportunities as well as message submissions from users.

Seriously guys this is going to be a gamechanger for me!



I want to build a web app where people can book and offer real life experiences - based on the model of Airbnb, but for free. It would be a great way for people to meet and share their passions with the world.


Alex Olivero

We have a one potential RFP in the hopper, but our proof of concept would be our own portfolio/marketing site. We're looking to build it out as a web application. How better to show clients we know what we are doing then doing it for ourselves. Not to mention getting a little be of practice before venturing into the fray.

That is a huge reason getting early access would be so unbelievably valuable for our budding business.



built marketplace for my niches


Hendrik Dacquin

I am making a membership site for a Cultural organisation offering a monthly subscription for participating with live music shows, expo's and parties in Belgium. The organisation is a small independent organisation and has 1000 active members. I will be integrating Webflow with Chargebee (for subscriptions handling) and Wized seems like the perfect fit to integrate Chargebee's subscription API with Webflow frontend.

Currently the site's frontend is finished and we are in the process of integrating it with Memberstack 2.0 but I would like a more custom, personal and user friendly onboarding and management of favourite concerts, reservations of concerts and contributions from the community.


Lal Birch

Booking and inventory management tool for rental businesses


Manny Cortez

The first web app I would like to build would help food trucks cater to their customers and allow their customers to find them easily. Its main features include an ordering system that allow patrons to order food ahead of time and it features a map which would allow patrons to see where the food truck is currently located and its next destination.

I believe this would be very beneficial to food truck owners because it would reduce the guess work in finding a good spot to park the food truck. It would also help people find their favorite food truck any time of the day. Ideally, I envision a food truck equipped with this technology would eventually be able to pull up anywhere and have a line of people waiting for them; instead of the food truck blindly looking for a crowd. This would lead to more predictable sales.

I'm looking to use Webflow, Airtable, Relume and Wized for this project and I've already created a sample landing page for a taco truck. You can view it here:



I will use it for the project I talked about above. Besides that I want to try and see if I would finally be able to use the payment method called Ideal when using stripe. Everyone in the netherlands uses Ideal as a payment method, but as of now its impossible to use with webflow…


Mathias Nösel

I'm building Katalog Kreativ. Katalog Kreativ is a platform meant for advertising agencies, where they handle overcapacity and save their creatives overtime. It is like a job platform. Intelligent briefing forms prepares the best creative briefs for our creatives, who jumps in when agencies need creative extra power.


Chris Loggins

My first project will be to build a portal that handles PM, Human Resources, and Client Billing for my friend Dexter since he pays so much for tools in these categories. I think it will be a breath of fresh air for him and our team to have something that suits their needs rather than overkill / overpriced tools. This will also serve as a basis for my first product which is *properly* geared toward freelancers and agencies doing web projects. It'll take a while to get the full app built, but I'll have the MVP up rather quickly.


Levent Deniz

My first project will be a platform where sellers can view their products, see and fulfill orders and upload invoices. We are a German company in the furniture business and want to connect external manufacturers to our system.


Jack Hayward

I would like to have a go at building a restaurant takeaway/delivery system - as this is a project type that I've had to, unfortunately, turn down a few times as it was previously not possible within Webflow.


Benoît Eveillard

  1. First, I need to transfer one of my projects which is on Wized V1. It is tool to help landlords manage their rental properties.
  2. I would love to build a website similar to but with better UX / UI. All the surf prevision websites are very bad and would like to provide a better experience. I need to connect with API to get real-time data on all surf spots.

Colleen Brady

There is a project I've worked on in bubble, but I really don't like bubble. Curious to see what if it can be done in Webflow using Wized's features.


Muhammad Ali

I have a client who to have a build a NFT markeplace in Webflow where they want the users to Buy and Sell the NFT and also the buyers and sellers can have there on Admin portal/dashboard that will display different Stats and other details.

and I believe Wized will be a perfect choice to use where we can have the mechanism of to connect the Wallets as well.


Tim Daff

A multi-step form with dynamic data in between. Basically, a close-copy of this which is our proof of concept (done in code):

We have created a new not-quite MVP version within Webflow and custom code, but it's very cumbersome to develop and maintain (code) and I'd like to completely redo this within Wized for all our clients:

Examples (in Webflow):


Neville Chamberlain

I already have them lined up:

  1. Easiest project: replace my community / forum software. The current one is not bad, but they want to charge more for Zapier connectivity, and customization options are very limited. Will be interesting to see how I can calculate "# of unread messages" in each category since a user last logged in - some fancy Airtable formulas may work...
  2. More challenging (but more rewarding): Phase 1: a complete in-house project management system, then Phase 2: adding client access to review progress, then Phase 3: clients submit their own project requests...
  3. Software licensing system: integrate all the components of a software licensing system so that:
    1. Users can purchase online
    2. License database is automatically updated
    3. Corporate clients can view / add / delete their own licensees (licensing is per named user)
    4. We have better visibility on expiring licenses

I will use the first project as my learning curve, then the 2nd as soon as I am confident I have the skills and sorted through the learning curve. Third project is an add-on for the 2nd project.


KC Katalbas

Okay. Very silly, but I basically want to make AirBnB for Caves. You can search caves, find a cave near you, read more about cave hosts (national parks services, bats... perhaps a sasquatch?), and book a day to go spelunking. No price functionality, only good times. Included in this would be a user dashboard to save favorite caves and show upcoming cave trips.



Exactly what I said, we need to create an online surf coaching platform that will be heavily personalised and integrate the best features of finsweet and wized. Where a subscription service will give access to users where content will be filtered and show what is relevant to them and where they are at. To be able to create Video on demand like Netflix but also give them a progression pathway, dashboard and curate all the training and features they need to improve their surfing. It will be like a mash up of multiple of the cloneables that have been described and to then link in surf forecasts like the weather system will be amazing. The opportunity to create and serve this audience is immense with Wized.

The second phase is then how do we convert this to a mobile app as well.



I want to rebuild the mvp that is a s2s marketplace


James @ Yes Captain

This is sooooo broken behind the scenes using zapier and webflows limitations 😭


Aman Kaushal

I am building an LMS solution for schools using low code tools something that is robust and not expensive. We are expecting to have 20000 monthly active students, therefore memberstack and outseta both are too costly for us.


Dr Ragulan

For this v2 I am hoping to make a patient feedback app for the lovely NHS staff that have helped the people of the UK through COVID-19, they already do not get paid enough for what they do, so I am hoping this positive feedback they get from their patience will help boost their morale.


Ferro Boyd

I'll need to familiarize myself with v2 a bit, so any cloneables and tutorials will be first on the list. The project I am working on is TOP SECRECT, so I can't go into too much detail. Let's say it's a SaaS-based tool that will help small to medium companies plan smarter, better, faster.


Elay Soiferman

I'll try to connect the Job board with API integration to have full control of the design and your attribute filter API


Yann Yimo

Submit your text content in the Saas, and receive the next day graphic pieces developed by pro designers ready to be posted on social medias.

Everybody has a message to share, what import is to be visible with the shape that matching with you.

I need to automate processes, datas and front-end between users/designers/admins.

I plan to finish the MVP until December. Be able to learn/use Wized should be a big help for us.

**That's what I'll build first. **

PS: (Sorry, english isn't my first language)

The (little) written project

The beginning design

Agency's site I made on Webflow


Anton Morrison

Online eLearning training platform.


Glenn McWhinney

I'm going to build a micro-SaaS with a Xano backend to generate a set of resized, optimised images (a set of pre-defined image widths set by the user) based on a source image to use in your Webflow projects.


Kieran Wallworth

Just signed off the design phase and awaiting to start development in the coming week for a job board website that utilises different user accounts, quick apply functionality and a mix of paid/ free plans.

Airtable would be used as the data source with candidate/ business account types with corresponding dashboards for each user type. Current proposed stack is Memberstack/ Airtable/ Make/ Jotform/ Jetboost but would love to pair Wized with Airtable and see how far we can push this together.

Also have an awesome personal project that I've had in mind for a short while that I would love to work on - random trick generator for skateboarding that can account for different attributes such as ability level, skatepark, flatground etc.



My client needs a directory something similar to this but with memberships also, so a user can subscribe to see more than a certain limit of results. Memberstacks UI is very limiting in terms of styling and this will be a great first project to implement Wized for me. The data will be coming from Airtable so Wized is literally the perfect fit for this use case, since it will replace both Whalesync and Memberstack.


Daniel Brassnyo

I'm going to migrate a quite complex app built for a Hungarian construction company which has a Project/Task manager, a Client dashboard, automated invoicing and billing, and a budget manager. All powered by Airtable 🙂 Pretty cool stuff 🙂

I hope I'll get early access to showcase this project :)


Aman Kaushal

I am going to develop Learning management using weflow+wized+supabase+stripe+zapier+marketing tools.