Q3 2023

Get a summary of everything we’ve been working on in the last 4 months in 7 parts.
Q3 2023

In this post, we’ll summarize everything we’ve been working on in the last 4 months in 7 parts:

  1. Software
  2. Community news
  3. Wized app for Webflow
  4. Education
  5. Support
  6. Business
  7. Conclusion

Part 1: Software

Wized V2 (wized.com) was released with Embed 1 last year. After Alex Iglesias took over as the Product Owner in March 2023, he started working on Embed 2, after gathering feedback & working closely with the community.

Although working on Embed 2 delayed our planned launch, it has improved Wized significantly:

  • Wized is now 50 times faster (watch demo)
  • You can use real JavaScript, just as you would in VS code
  • Lots of new functionalities added like forms, events, & functions
  • Improved accessibility, extensibility, DX (dev UX), and API stability
  • Major UI/UX improvements

See the full walkthrough:

Moving forward (and to clear any confusion), we’re dropping the terms Embed 1, Embed 2, as well as Wized beta. It’s just Wized, and its currently in a phase of restricted-access. We’re welcoming users who have real active web app projects on hand. If you’re one of them, send us a DM.

Part 2: Community news

We’re excited to share news about our first enterprise web app.

jack.org asked Finsweet to rebuild their WordPress LMS - Be There Certificate. It's a very popular, high-traffic platform. Finsweet rebuilt the whole project using Webflow, Wized, and Xano, as well as SendGrid for emails and Google OAuth for authentication.

Wized has executed over 500,000 requests in 1 month, handling a database with more than 2 million records, making it the biggest Wized project to date. Since launch, nearly 10K new users registered, and 4K have completed the course.

Check it out yourself (https://www.betherecertificate.org/), it's free to register & learn about mental health literacy.

We’re proud to share FlowAgency launched a course on web apps.

Learn to develop web apps using Webflow, Wized, and Xano. As of Sept. 2023, they’ve already got 20+ people registered and with limited spots available. Reach out to Glenn McWhinney to get more information.

Part 3: Wized app for Webflow

We’ll launch a Wized app in the Webflow Apps Marketplace to help speed up your app building workflow & ease onboarding into an existing Wized project. The Wized app in Webflow is an Element/Attribute Manager, using it, you can:

  • Easily add/edit/delete Wized Attributes
  • Identify a Webflow class assigned to a Wized element
  • See all Wized elements within a component
  • Get a list of all Wized elements in the entire project, which can be filtered sorted
  • Access assigned Actions within the Wized Configurator from Webflow

Get a sneak-peek of the app.

Part 4: Education

We’re migrating our Intelligence Center from Gitbook to VitePress to give you the best experience.

Inspired by Webflow University, Emanuel is building a dev roadmap that’ll help you become a Wized dev from scratch. Emanuel is also working on lots of short videos focused on solving specific questions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified.

Alex Iglesias and Emanuel Skrobonja are hosting live building & interactive sessions for Wized. Their recent topics were building a job listing marketplace, a to-do app, and a billable app. Join https://finsweet.com/plus to get access to hands-on learning experiences.

Part 5: Support

We partnered with another agency to offer you with an AI chat bot in Discord for instant problem solving of simple support requests. Additionally. we hired another support agent from a different time-zone to become more available and to handle more (complex) support requests.

We’re migrating our updates page from Webflow CMS to Github, to provide more transparency and promote discussions regarding our roadmap.

We’ve invested in https://status.wized.com/ (signup to receive updates), so you can be instantly notified about Wized performance.

Part 6: Business

We’ve made huge investments to become SOC2 compliant. The SOC2 framework establishes documented procedures & protocols to ensure information security of company & client data. Wized & Finsweet will be audited, before a certification is granted. All growing (and successful) companies have it, check out a few examples: Webflow, Slack, Notion.

We’re making big investments in GDPR. We’ve partnered with a German company to make Wized 100% GDPR compliant, so you can be confident in providing web app services to European clients.

Finally, another round of investments are made into Error tracking and Interactive Session Support, to provide you with enhanced support.

Part 7: Conclusion

We will not share any more public-launch dates and setup (false) expectations. Software building is hard, and often times, we’ve encountered unexpected (additional) tasks along the way, which have prolonged our dev time & delayed our launch.

We’re building Wized in public because we want to be 100% transparent with you and foster a strong bond with our community from start. We appreciate your continued support. 💙

Having said that, know that Wized is in a phase of restricted-access and you can build powerful web apps for your clients, like Black Peak Enterprise. So, if you’ve got real, active web app projects on hand, send us a DM for a Wized access code.