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That's it. @getwized is the missing no-code tool we've been waiting for. Design your web app in Webflow, Build it in Wized.


@getwized is insane! I can basically build my startup idea at a fraction of the cost.


@webflow is front end UI and @getwized does the backend part. They go hand in hand simultaneously.


With Wized, Webflow will maybe become as powerful as Bubble


Top @webflow integrations which will blow up this year: 1 - @getwized : Build web apps with Webflow.


Wized is, literally, the magic bits missing from Webflow.


@getwized is going to be a huge leg-up for Webflow users.


Looking forward to the first breakout session with @getwized at the #WebflowGOH happening now.


[Wized is an] Absolute banger


I've just learned about @getwized, seems like a very powerful tool for @Webflow builds.


Holy shit - @getwized is insane


Top @webflow integrations which will blow up this year: 1 - @getwized: Build web apps with Webflow.


One of my favorite #NoCode platforms is nominated for #GoldenKittyAwards2021. @getwized enabled me to build web apps using @webflow!


It is like using Bubble, but inside Webflow.


Our new free Wized course is out! It covers everything you need to know to build a site using @Webflow + @getwized, even how to integrate Xano & Google Auth!


Checking out @getwized for sites where clients want that more custom feel you can build in webflow.


Wanna get wild… @getwized is here for that too the webflow stack can be expanded nicely. enjoy!


Working on a project with Wized rn and it’s amazing


Wized is such a great tool, by far the #1 way to go for Web Apps in #Webflow!


experimenting on a project that uses @getwized with @webflow 🌚 the progress is getting me excited for what’s possible 👏🏻


One's you start using it you will expand the use cases to bigger and bigger web projects is my experience. Add @zapier , @getwized and @airtable to build beyond the limitations.


@getwized is ridiculous! 🤯


I've been waiting for you for 4 years. Game changer, and something I'll be using to create my first micro-SaaS @getwized


I have wized in my to do list this summer... I'm curious as I've only seen positive comments about it!


I love to figure out new stuff. Like with @getwized not everything is 100% clear so the moment you find some “secret” setting it's so satisfying. Like setting the view to a logged-in user... boom it all comes to live.


First day of putting @getwized into action. Today I managed to set up login and account creation for @doneatdawn . Conclusion so far: 1. I don't need zapier anymore for my current project. 2. Impossible has become possible in more ways than I can count.


Really like the look at this new tool @getwized added to @nocodedevs tool shed along with a couple of videos. check them out


@getwized makes Webflow so cool to use.


If you build web apps check out @webflow and @getwized


I get the same feels as you. The product is genius and Jonas is one too! Let's keep him on his toes over the next few months and help him to make this tool essential for any Webflower


@getwized is giving me that same feeling as when I typed my first lines of HTML back in 1997. I'm super excited @webflow - @getwized - @zapier - @airtable such a cool cool lineup.


Why isn't there more talk about @getwized in the @webflow community?!


20 min into @getwized and I'm blown away. Yes it is as close to code as no-code can get. But wow, it sure makes my designer's mind see the light. And I get launched into using @airtable on the side. Love it!


Wow you can now turn @webflow projects into full-blown Applications with @getwized 😲😲😲


So. You can now build custom SaaS without coding. How the fuck is this possible already??? But apparently, @getwized is a thing and it integrates with @webflow 🤯 And as far as I understand it, it was built by @jbeissw - one guy - completely boot strapped?? Like. How???


Build real web applications without code. @getwized allows you to build full fledge applications on top of your @webflow projects with ease https://meow.ph/wized


Giving wings to Webflow 🦋 Thrilled to have hunted Wized on PH today, congrats @jbeissw 🚀 Wized: Design your web application in Webflow, build it with Wized via @ProductHunt


What's amazing to me is that even "non data" people like me can understand it from the start. And it can be used as a single source of data for many sites. And lots more data sources are coming too. It's amazing, and definitely part of NodeCode 2.0!


WOW, this looks sick! 🚀


That's it. @getwized is the missing no-code tool we've been waiting for. Design your web app in Webflow, Build it in Wized. ✅ User accounts ✅ Data management: create, update, delete ✅ Accept payments A few years ago I wanted to keep Webflow a secret, now it's Wized.