Wized Pricing 2024 Response to Feedback

A response to the community after our new pricing update was announced.

Quick points

  • We made our decisions based on Wized projects on paid plans.
  • We want to charge your clients these costs, not you as the service provider.
  • Our goal is to help all service providers through this change.

Transcript, simplified:

  • We’re ready to help and support service providers with our pricing change. If a Wized pricing tier is preventing you from using Wized, let us know.
  • Pricing tiers were decided based on the distribution of live Wized projects.
  • For all paid Wized projects, 5% have more than 400 Actions (Large plan).
  • For all paid Wized projects, 35% have more than 100 Actions (Medium plan).
  • Most paid projects would be on Lite or Small plans.
  • We want big companies with big applications to be guided to our highest cost plans.
  • Build high quality applications for high quality clients. Reduce your client’s development costs with Wized.
  • We're here to help you get to the next level.