February 2023

Each passionate user told us why they need early access to Wized V2.
Find an inspiration through exploring the passionate use cases of Wized users.
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Carly Bruce Harvey

I'm likely going to experiment with some internal tools first. However, I have someone in my business network that is in Law automation and is looking to build out some of their own internal and client-facing tools. Lots of opportunities there.


Clayton Crockville

I will build a web-app that sends data to Airtable.


Óscar Saboya

A Website with a prívate área for future and current employees (researchers)


Nicolas N Ordaz Jr

A web app for Toyota Company where Sales Team can track their quotes and car inventory.


Isaiah Gordon

I can design a sleek and user-friendly interface for a chatbot in Webflow and use Wized and the OpenAI API to create intuitive responses that keep users engaged. It's gonna be awesome!


Shane Dolley

I will build a module for users to use as a pre-op calorie tracker


Aadhithya Kota

I have a client that wants to create a quiz style learning experience for the elderly to understand technology better.


Rajat Sawhney

I will first build Fitgalaxy's website which helps people stay sustainably fit and healthy naturally without any supplements, pills, gyms or shortcuts.

I plan to make this purely on no code tools including Webflow, Wized (for our front end replacing the existing react js), and Xano or Firebase!


Trent Warrick

We are working on bringing TechTarget and brighttalk’s service clients a portal for managing their reservations and service agreements. These products are managed in airtable and don’t get included in our technology product portals.

booking and managing products, as well as collecting assets from clients.


Valentin Geffroy

Build a Notion consultants marketplace :)


Michael Warren

We are a translation/tech company in Japan and have envisioned a language resource portal for our university clients and our translator community — we've hit the wall with what V1 can do and are anxiously awaiting V2 to fully flesh out or vision.


Cameron Evans

First, I want to rebuild the CMS Dashboard for the Franchise, as I did run into some limitations, so I want to eliminate redundancies, and additional costs incurred for multiple apps I needed in order to achieve the full functionality. Second, I'm launching a 3D Print Business and want to utilize Wized to create a Business Management App to help others create a profitable 3D Business, might even use it to run Shopify or Webflow Ecommerce. Third, I want to build various, nuanced AI tools and want to build a community around this. Fourth, I want to use it to build enterprise-level dashboards, from Business Intelligence to CRM, Inventory, CMS, and more.


Kjetil Grøsland

A dashboard where logged in users can see and interact with data displayed on elegant javascript charts.



Access for member with custom dashboard

they able to login with gmail

Upgrade membership with full webapp



I'm currently building out a marketing site for a service that will serve as a bit of a dead-man's-switch -- upload your important documents and data and set up contacts and notifications and triggers to notify those contacts about life events and to transmit private, encrypted legal documents and data (passwords, account numbers, etc.) to delegated representatives easily and efficiently, without requiring multiple disconnected micro services control panels to handle the application logic.



My company website. I started a company but don't have website yet :D


Philippe Normandeau

A web app for contract drafting



I've got a project coming up to build a PIM system(product information management). Feels like it will be a great opportunity to test-drive Wized.


Shane Gauthier

The first project I would build would be a paid community around coaching and developing business owners. This would be far from a typical approach. I am super passionate about people and business. This would be a community where I invest in people who want to grow personally and become the best business leader they can be. Friends have told me many times over that I give incredible feedback and I cut straight to the heart of why. This would be a combination of personal, emotional, financial and behavioral growth to really excel people forward. All that to say, I think Wized would be an incredible fit.


Nathan Constantin

My first project is to create a web app. this application will allow the creation of a dynamic map which will indicate to the user the health professionals certified by the site.


Hasnain Riaz

I want to build an website like chat gpt and also and app on flutter as well using it.


Alexander Koselka

Im planning on starting a marketplace, specific for products that help people with dementia. The goal for this is to give these kind of products a second life. People should place and find advertisements of products. Im not planning on integrating payments (yet).


James Somers

I believe Wized users will create a lot of marketplace projects and some will struggle with using Stripe Connect for payouts. The first project that I will create will be a service to help marketplace creators use and onboard their sellers on to stripe connect. I aim to automate their api calls and possibly even provide clonables with xano functions already created to make calls to Stripe. To create this project I will use the Stripe API and Supabase (db, auth, edge functions, vault)


John E. Matias

A membership site for one of my businesses that could replace my current stack that has a lot of things like memberstack, make.com, and some custom code gluing things together.



I want to build a platform to manage client requests and workflows. Not that many options in the market.


Santino Romeri

I am building a project called Evernudge where creatives are incentivized to give and receive feedback on their yet-to-be-finished work.


rian velders


memberships and page claiming features and ass much as wized has to offer


Jeff Strang

We are launching in new initiative and platform within our business to specifically support clients working in the environmental and social good space.

The support goes beyond branding, design and development to include mentoring and networking opportunities from our long-standing network of professionals. This network includes people from finance and venture funding, engineering across multiple disciplines including renewable energy, plus recognised business leaders with proven international success.

Ideally we'd like to build the platform in Webflow with Wized and Xano as the supporting stack.

Marketing for the initiative is via our existing professional network in Europe and New Zealand, a dedicated fortnightly newsletter summarising current news in the space, and through organic and paid marketing on Twitter and Linked-In.


Paulus Hendrix

My current client wants a "cost calculator" on their site. So pretty much a very long list of input fields, radio buttons, dropdown menus, etc. They make AR and VR content, lots of different services and products. And they have a pretty complicated way of figuring out the cost (or a quote at least). There are all sorts of conditions that have an influence on the cost. To sell their products/services they need a good way of figuring out a quote and follow up. I want to link all of this to an (airtable) database so prices can be adjusted easily.



We are in the process of building a travel app. Wized will be used to handeling our booking process. We need to build API connections to various other booking platforms. We also need to build automated communication for users. Lastly we need sync content on the app with NetSuite that stores everything.


Adrian Moriconi

The first project will be a platform to help churches to develop their creative volunteers in media, production and music through a structured training and mentoring process. First team leads will assign a benchmark project to gauge their skillsets and work out where they need to start. From their team leaders will be able to assign specific training modules to volunteer users and submit works for revision by a panel of external professional mentors to provide feedback on areas to improve and additional development resources. This will help churches (or any organisation that relies on volunteers) to create a consistent creative standard and a clear path for development for volunteers who are passionate but inexperienced.


Scott Ruigrok

A first project would be with an existing client of mine, so that we could build a platform for his housing company. Connecting people in the apartment buildings together. Potentially creating a messaging system, a job board, tool share board etc. and more things that are deemed necessary along the way.

Thanks for considering.



I will be building a fullstack parenting medical course that provide parents with parenting lessons helping them have a reference guideline in terms of building education with their kids



I will use basic apps to learn wized but gpt3 apps are definitely I Wana try out


Ben Wordell

I have a paying client (tech startup) that I'm already doing marketing/website work for already and they need login/portal functionality. For years I have been hacking together solutions with airtable + webflow + zapier + sendgrid + memberstack. In this case we need a member dashboard powered by our airtable base and have options for resources, a questionnaire/onboarding form, referral program, account info, etc. We've exhausted other options like paying developers to build a completely custom solution, white-labeled options like 'joinportal', or a mix of current software and manual processes. Wized will give us the speed and flexibility we need on top of the existing tech we already have (webflow + airtable + sendgrid).


Adam Barley

I am currently scoping a project with a client who wants a custom food & beverage inventory management system for use across their numerous sites.


Arthur Vu

An educational website



Building an analytics dashboard to track custom events


Jason Wright

A front-end sales solution that allows for order bumps, upsells, and authenticated access to a members area where personalized learning paths reside.


Alyssa Gavinski

A membership site / gated content! A client of mine (agency) has a client who needs to give their users access to resources through a gated portal. This would be the perfect app to do it with.


Jonathan Whiteside

A private label / print-to-order dashboard for my Webflow eCommerce business www.VitalTinctures.com


Charles Greenlee

I want to build an online ordering system for a local business that I am partnered with here in Prague. Right now, they use phone calls, Whatsapp, pen and paper to order things. I would like to build something with a better flow.


Alexander Fountain

Most likely a real estate listing browsing service


Carril Agency

We are planning on building a school management system for school owners.


Tim Daff

I want to build a library of stateful components, and a Wized methodology for managing both local app state and remote data (Xano), designing and building reactive components for use in production projects.



I would first build an internal portal for the company that pulls in data from several sources, including product data for analytics.


Tito Solano

I have a couple of ideas for creating my first digital products I would love to being able to make them happen!


Muhammad Toqeer Iqbal

Currently i am working on membership site using outseta with some complex functionality using JS but now wanted to use wized to rebuild this project.


Jonathan Tambe Ebot

Try to build a Web with Moralis (easy Web3 integration)

Web3 JobBoard

AI Saas for Youtuber

AI Saas for Kids Storytelling


johan van wambeke

I get a lot of HR companies wanting a career portal for there website. I recommend them using Bullhorn because the backend is nice and I have happy customers on it. But it does not provide a career portal. So I currently have 3 options:

  • Write it in angular / VueJs
  • Fidget with zapier / airtable
  • Use a wordpress plugin ( iieuw )
  • Beg for a spot in the wized testing crew

Harminder Singh

First, I will be building a car dealership website that will be powered by a car dealership management system and wized.

I have a potential client, a car dealership who is looking to build their front end on webflow. I am really interested in using webflow and wized in this project.


Anthony Wahl

Adding interactivity to my marketplace and events booking platform for members logged into my family office platform.


Simon Lausen

The first project I will develop is a course website for a client that want to expand her business by selling courses online.

Next I have an engineering and architecture firm that wants to upload current developing projects for clients to follow the process.



Booking system


Miles Albritton

My organization relies on a company Intranet that is assembled using Webflow, Airtable, and Memberstack, and it serves the daily needs of over 2000 employees. By leveraging the capabilities of Wized, I can efficiently implement a frontend service that enables my managers to independently manage the addition and removal of employees, freeing me from the need to guide them through the process.



I want to create a platform where e-commerce companies can find the right e-fulfilment (3-PL) partner faster. I want to do this by building a web app that works as a lead generator. Where webshops fill out a questionnaire and on the other hand logistics companies who can then respond to these offers. The logistics companies pay per lead they get, and every lead has to be qualified.

Both the web shops and the logistics companies should be able to log into their personal dashboard. We need to be able to track the number of leads sent and invoice them at the end of the month.


Shane Gauthier

So this is my second submission. My idea is a conference/event presenter clock. The presenter and multiple people on the team could have a synced clock. Messaging functionality and other tools could definitely be built in. Log in or no log in with a generated code. Something along those lines would be ideal. These tools exist in very high budget setup but the software is expensive and not cost effective for smaller events. Being able to have this on any device could be super powerful and scalable.


Harald Vogl

In the first place we're planning a project management system for internal use, with integrated client service areas for communication, planning and reporting, as well as contacts handling with with email integration.

If this will work out, we are going to create a revolutionary Saas system out of this :-)


Joy Christian

a simple working LMS for a training center


Carter Ogunsola

Primary project for my Wized access is my Startup “Auvlie-the airbnb for events”.

It’s a market place with 3 User types - User, Venue Host & Events Vendor.

It’d allows hosts to create account(wized auth) & list their properties (using wized triggers to send form data into airtable database).

Make(Integromat) would send Host Listing into a webflow CMS page from Airtable.

Users would be able to signup (wized auth), view venue listing (using data in to get/load from airtable), request date & time(google cal API & wized Data Out ), pay for venue using Stripe Connect API(to split payments).

Vendors would be additional at checkout and would also be using Stripe Connect API to charge vendors a % per booking.


Vincent Bidaux

A handful of numeric simulators, users enter values and/or manipulate sliders and get an answer about how much money they can save etc.

  • other more graphic immersive simulator.

Jon Livingston

DeerLab.com. Right now, there are design roadblocks due to the way it's coded. I would love to use Webflow and Wized if possible.


Nacho Seoane

We will build a custom product creation.



Simon Nilsen

We have for example created a live scoreboard using an api from an app and firebase, but then we where using workarounds for getting it into Webflow, but then where hard to style etc.


Faruq Bakre

I will build a flashcard app for students. Students can store information of what they've learned on the app and use it for revisions from time to time.



I've already started creating a small web app that allows you to vote on your oscar picks and compete against friends - kind of like Fantasy Football for the Oscars!



I wanna try to build marketplace for digital products.


Kacper Kozlowski

I want to develop a web application to manage a family business. A key aspect will be to create a system for onboarding customers, working order fulfillment for them, and effectively soliciting feedback at each stage of the process.


Kevin Levine

See above - Rebel Ants showcase display.


Phillip Glickman

My mother-in-law is a realtor. I would love to develop a custom web app for her business that wows her clients. Currently, she relies on many apps to make her client's journey as enjoyable as possible. In time, I am sure I can develop something that would save her loads of time and blow away her clients.


Carlos Cruz

The first product to build will be a unified booking, purchasing, and educational system for spa/salon members and visitors. I want to be able to give the user a more personalized experience with centralized information and multi-layered accessibility.


Andrew Freelander

I will rebuild my lead generation forms in wized. Currently built in bubble.io.

An example of what i want to rebuild can be found at: https://app.go-assist.co.uk/a-i-o?applianceType=dishwasher&manufacturer=AEG&source=wf&gclid=null&service=appliance

To have this inside Webflow along with our landing pages could be huuuuuge for our business.


David O'Brien

After I master all the tools during a practice project or two, I plan to create a series of websites for restaurants and expand my freelancing projects by add ordering online capabilities to my websites.



App for communication between doctors and patients using Webflow + [Wized + Xano


Damien fleminks

We will use it to bootstrap an MVP for a Saas application to help small businesses with their marketing outreach.


Yassine El asri

I am building a website like hellofresh with selling recipes and food subscribtions but everything is Halal.


Jesse DuFresne

I am going to build an online store based around the print on demand model. However, instead of the site being centered around the products offered. There will be a strong emphasize on featuring the artists who create the work. I'll probably focus on a niche art/graphic style. Artists will have unique profiles with all of their work and products. This will be built with Webflow, Wized, Xano, and Printful. Artists will be able to feature their social media, connect with customers, and manage their products from within the application. Customers will be able to browse by product type, artist, etc. I have a TON of other ideas that could further emphasize this focus on the artist that I am excited to bring to life... I just need to get the MVP started first!


Steve Balow

I am building a mentorship site for Physical Therapists. I want to use Wized to (1) provide gated and filtered access to our knowledge base (Outseta / Webflow member replacement) and (2) allow enterprise customers to private-label and customize our knowledge base.



Our first project will be a web app that streamlines our business, allowing our clients manage their projects, payments and project teams. This will allow us to get familiar with Wized before we start rolling it out for our clients.


Usama Rehman

I have a client who want to migrate all their API requests to no code tool for their custom ecommerce web app on Webflow


Tim Murphy

A platform for small local businesses to automate their marketing with a focus on lead generation and triggering automation using their existing client databases.


Taylor Bartlett

An event planning, virtual event, and sponsor management tool.



Our first project would be tracking and logistics software made for the jewelry industry. We have designed the full front end for one of our main clients and were itching to let build it out in Wized.


Eugenio Keller Puente

Because I could finally create my own system in combination with Webflow to track my projects as freelancer. I work through freelancer.com, I have experience already on Webflow. I've staged my website waiting a bit to have access to wized and finally release my website with a CMS for my clients to login and request projects in a monthly basis using memberships within my website. I'm starving for wized!!! :D


Christopher McNeil

I'm building a live entertainment company for people who enjoy live in-person entertainment but don't want to break the bank and for venues and entertainers who need to make more of it.


Ferdi Boxman

2 projects:

1: Fashion community: Daily fashion inspiration, quotes etc on a kind of forum dashboard.

2: Dashboard for mortican/undertaker bussiness. So they have organized which client has witch tools borrowed and many more things.


Shane O'Donnell

My first project with Wized will be to build a site listing events & results for a client of mine who times races and events all over the world. His current timing site has let him down so we need to pull the data from the timing system's API and present it in a way that people can log in to his site and search for their results/times.


Lewis Clayton

Build out my golf resource. https://golfstudio.webflow.io/

I would like to connect directly the Youtube API. I would also like to build the biggest database of golf courses across the world.


Brendin Venter

My first project has come out of a little bit of a nightmare situation working with React Native developers over the last 18 months spending over $40k to build the MVP of our startup IOS fitness app only to be burned in the process of the quality. 🤦‍♂️

So, the first order of business would be to build an mvp version of consciousbaboon.com.

It's a mobile fitness application aimed to help people implement daily healthy habits across the four pillars of health.

Essentially, the main focus point is delivery daily bite sized tips, thoughts and ideas as well as practical workouts, recovery sessions and mindset and nutrition practices.

I am 100% certain this can be done in Wized V2, together with Xano, Webflow and Build Natively to port the app to IOS.

I'm currently setting up the Webflow build for it, setting up our databases and using Wized V1 to test certain things.

To be honest with you it's do or die for our startup BUT I do think this would be a pretty wicked tech stack to try out with Wized regardless.


Sina Azizi

My team and I are currently working on launching the world’s first educational software infrastructure by the No code stack (webflow wized Xano).

Our current efforts have relied on using vanilla js to connect Xano with webflow. But this has produced bloated code that is hard to debug and extend. We were so excited when we saw wized’s new release. It appears that 2.0 has addressed all the main problems with 1.0 and is now much easier to use and operate. We also believe our software infrastructure will serve as a great case study for wized as it will demonstrate how to build scalable complex web applications.

A bit about our infrastructure:

It contains ten pieces of Software in total, all deeply integrated to address the four significant steps in education: create learning content, launch them to students, assess students' comprehension, and intervene intelligently when necessary. Additional information can be provided upon request.


Hiroyuki Watanabe

A booking system. This has been a feature I just can't work around using zapier, make or other no-code systems when working with Webflow.


Joseph Swiger

I am looking to relaunch my agency website but want to have a dashboard and support system integrated for all my clients to submit tickets and pay bills and keep track of their invoices and receipts. I'm not doing this until I either get access or whenever it releases.



will build auction market like ebay, have a biding system


Keith Armstrong

Design assets marketplace.

Task management dashboard for ongoing Webflow services



I will build a software recommendation website where users can write reviews and the review is associated with the user.



I'll build a dashboard for a client that is specialized in shipping industry in France.


Sébastien Wozny

I want to rebuild https://poesie.webflow.io/ with wized instead of memberstack, plugged on Airtable database.


Chris Erickson

Content ordering system


James Salvatore

One of our internal projects is to build an internal team portal to help connect the team.

Since going fully remote following COVID-19, staying connected is one of the many challenges we've experienced as a studio. The product we're designing is an internal portal that will help with onboarding new team members, house our studio policies, as well as assist with meeting booking across timezones, display resourcing from our company ClickUp lists, and sharing team holidays.



I want to make a SIMPLE dashboard for my clients to follow marketing, data and tasks of their website.

Give more (organize) data to clients and make